Te Alabare

30 01 2010

F            Bb               C                   F
Te alabare, con cantos de adoracion
              Bb              C               Dm
Te alabare, con todo mi ser
               Bb                 F/A
Este templo es tu lugar
                        Bb              F/A
Donde tu gloria decendera
                      Gm                       C               F
Estamos parados, para alabarte a Ti

F                       Bb
We worship you
          C                       F
With lips of adoration
We worship you
             C                      Dm
As a symphony of praise
                    Bb                 F/A
Let this temple be a place
                            Bb              F/A
Where your Glory is embraced
As we stand in awe
             C             F
And worship You

Las cuerdas que yo sugiero son las siguientes:
The following chords are the ones I suggest you use when playing:

F: Raiz (F A C) Root Position
Bb: Segunda Inversion (F Bb D) Second Inversion
C: Segunda Inversion (G C E) Second Inversion
Dm: Segunda Inversion (A D F) Second Inversion
Gm: Raiz (G Bb D) Root Position




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