Noticia para Coro Combinado – Update for Combined Choir members

16 05 2010

Gracias a todos los que fueron a la ultima practica que tuvimos este Viernes pasado. A los que no pudieron estar presentes, nuestra proxima practica sera este Lunes que viene a las 7:30pm

Es importante que todos hagamos lo posible para estar presentes en todas las practicas que se nos sea posible, ya que las alabanzas que estaremos cantando requieren mucha practica.

Si no estuvo en la ultima practica, esto es importante:

Las dos alabanzas que estaremos cantando son las siguientes:

Primera: Digno, Digno, Digno (Adoracion)
Segunda: Dilo (Alabanza)

Estas son las dos alabanzas officiales. Ya no se cambiaran!
Recuerde, la proxima practica es este Lunes a las 7:30pm

Thank you to all who where present at our last choir practice this past Friday. To those who where not able to be there, our next practice is this coming Monday at 7:30pm.

It is important that all those who wheren’t at our last practice to make an effort to be at the next practice. We have chosen the final songs that we will be singing, and they require lots of practice.

If you where not at our last practice, there are the two songs we have chosen:

First: Digno, Digno, Digno (Worship song)
Second: Dilo (Praise song)

These are the official songs!
Remember, our next practice is on Monday at 7:30pm




One response

5 08 2010
SIs Sandra Marciel (Sandy)

Praise the Lord Brother Luis! God bless you Little Bro! I hope you are doing well. Please let me know when you can give me another piano lesson. Also, there was a site you told me about a few years back where they list songs in spanish. I was wondering if you recall the name of the website as I would like to get some new songs from there as well. God bless you Bro! From your Big Sis, Sandy 🙂 PS- Please tell Sis Alma hello from us all. 🙂

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