Agnus Dei – Video Clip

26 08 2010

For those of you who don’t know the song, here is a video clip of Marco Barrientos singing it.



Agnus Dei – Spanish Version

26 08 2010


This is a song I will be singing as a Special Song tomorrow. I’ve heard it in English before, and when I heard the spanish words (Thanks to Izzie from Salida!) I saved them. The key you see the song in is the original key Marcos Barrientos sings it in. I myself raised the key to C.

If you need the english lyrics, let me know 🙂


A                D A
Aleluya, Alelu-ya
           D                A
Reinas tu poderoso Dios
A                D
Aleluya, Aleluya
E   A       E   A
Santo,     Santo
     A                   F#m      E
El Señor Dios         poderoso
A/C#        D      A/C#         D
Digno eres Tú,   Digno eres Tú,
            E   A     E   A
Tú eres Santo,   Santo
     A                    F#m      E
El Señor Dios         poderoso
A/C#          D     A/C#         D
Digno eres Tú,    Digno eres Tú,
E    A

Video: Tulare, Ca

22 08 2010

Last rally of the year ends with a Bang!

22 08 2010


Had a wonderful time at the Rally in Tulare, Ca!
If you didn’t go, you missed out on a wonderful blessing!
Thank you to all the choir members who worked hard and where able to go to this event.

We will soon have a little video clip of some of the music during the service.

Can’t wait for next year’s events!

Tulare, Ca: Here we come!

21 08 2010

We’re all excited about our trip today to the Regional Rally in Tulare, Ca. Thank you to all those who are participating in the choir! Remember, we’re leaving from our Tuolumne Church at 2:15pm, to have plenty of time to make it to the Tulare Church by 5pm (From what I hear, its a 2 hour drive!)

See you all there!