Digno Y Santo

31 12 2010

Verso 1:

Digno y Santo, El Cordero inmolado en la cruz
Nuevo canto, levantaremos
Al que en su trono esta


Dios todopoderoso
Quien fue, quien es, y quien vendra

La creacion te canta, Hosanna el gran yo soy
Tu eres mi todo, y to te adorare


Stewardship Missions Conference 2010

26 10 2010


Thank you to all who participated in our Missions Conference Combined Choir! We will have some pictures and video clips on here soon!

On to the next event: Our Christmas Drama!

Modesto Spanish Choir

20 09 2010

Sunday Service

Video: Tulare, Ca

22 08 2010

Last rally of the year ends with a Bang!

22 08 2010


Had a wonderful time at the Rally in Tulare, Ca!
If you didn’t go, you missed out on a wonderful blessing!
Thank you to all the choir members who worked hard and where able to go to this event.

We will soon have a little video clip of some of the music during the service.

Can’t wait for next year’s events!

Tulare, Ca: Here we come!

21 08 2010

We’re all excited about our trip today to the Regional Rally in Tulare, Ca. Thank you to all those who are participating in the choir! Remember, we’re leaving from our Tuolumne Church at 2:15pm, to have plenty of time to make it to the Tulare Church by 5pm (From what I hear, its a 2 hour drive!)

See you all there!

Its coming soon! September Bilingual Service

25 07 2010

September may still be a whole month ahead of us, but our next Bilingual Service will be here in no time! The next scheduled Bilingual Service at Revival Center is on Sunday, September 5, 2010.

Our first combined choir practice will be on Monday, August 16, 2010.
We will be sending out a flyer to our sister churches to keep you updated!

See you then!