Agnus Dei – Video Clip

26 08 2010

For those of you who don’t know the song, here is a video clip of Marco Barrientos singing it.



Agnus Dei – Spanish Version

26 08 2010


This is a song I will be singing as a Special Song tomorrow. I’ve heard it in English before, and when I heard the spanish words (Thanks to Izzie from Salida!) I saved them. The key you see the song in is the original key Marcos Barrientos sings it in. I myself raised the key to C.

If you need the english lyrics, let me know 🙂


A                D A
Aleluya, Alelu-ya
           D                A
Reinas tu poderoso Dios
A                D
Aleluya, Aleluya
E   A       E   A
Santo,     Santo
     A                   F#m      E
El Señor Dios         poderoso
A/C#        D      A/C#         D
Digno eres Tú,   Digno eres Tú,
            E   A     E   A
Tú eres Santo,   Santo
     A                    F#m      E
El Señor Dios         poderoso
A/C#          D     A/C#         D
Digno eres Tú,    Digno eres Tú,
E    A