Bilingual Service Coming Up

21 01 2011

Our next Bilingual Service at Revival Center will be on
February 20, 2011

Our first combined choir practice will be this upcoming Monday at 7:30pm

Please spread the word!


Bilingual Combined Choir – Thank You’s

6 09 2010


Thank you to everyone who participated in our Bilingual Combined Choir. You all truly make every Bilingual Service special!

I’d like to personally thank everyone who participated who was from one of the area churches.

A special thanks to the church of Salida, CA, for sharing the talents of Bro. Israel Espinoza and Bro. Daniel Lynch. Your help with the piano and the singing was truly a blessing from God. Keep up the good work!

And now… Are we all ready for Missions Conference in October?

See you all there!

Bro. Luis Quinonez

Its coming soon! September Bilingual Service

25 07 2010

September may still be a whole month ahead of us, but our next Bilingual Service will be here in no time! The next scheduled Bilingual Service at Revival Center is on Sunday, September 5, 2010.

Our first combined choir practice will be on Monday, August 16, 2010.
We will be sending out a flyer to our sister churches to keep you updated!

See you then!

Bilingual Service Songs

11 02 2010

As we all know, we have a bilingual service coming this Sunday, February 14th. Since we had literally no time to prepare, we will be singing songs we already know.

1. Te Amo Dios
2. Libre

You can find the words to “Te Amo Dios” in one of our previous posts. Here are the words for “Libre”

Verse 1: (soloist)

Quiero aplaudir, mas para el Señor
Quiero cantar, mas para el Señor. (oh oh oh oh oh)
Quiero saltar, mas para el Señor
Quiero danzar, mas para el Señor



Verse 2:

No mas llanto, ni dolor, ni cadenas, libre soy



And for all you Musicians out there, this song is easy to play. Here are the four chords you need to learn:

Eb Bb Cm Ab

That’s all. Easy right? See you all Sunday!