Agnus Dei – Spanish Version

26 08 2010


This is a song I will be singing as a Special Song tomorrow. I’ve heard it in English before, and when I heard the spanish words (Thanks to Izzie from Salida!) I saved them. The key you see the song in is the original key Marcos Barrientos sings it in. I myself raised the key to C.

If you need the english lyrics, let me know 🙂


A                D A
Aleluya, Alelu-ya
           D                A
Reinas tu poderoso Dios
A                D
Aleluya, Aleluya
E   A       E   A
Santo,     Santo
     A                   F#m      E
El Señor Dios         poderoso
A/C#        D      A/C#         D
Digno eres Tú,   Digno eres Tú,
            E   A     E   A
Tú eres Santo,   Santo
     A                    F#m      E
El Señor Dios         poderoso
A/C#          D     A/C#         D
Digno eres Tú,    Digno eres Tú,
E    A


Clases De Piano – Online! Piano Classes Online!

4 03 2010

Comenzando la proxima semana, estaremos teniendo una clase de piano aqui todas las semanas, para todos aquellos que esten interesados en aprender a tocar Piano, o si ya saben tocar piano, para que puedan aprender aun mas. Si esto es algo que les interesaria a ustedes, por favor, dejen un comentario.

Starting next week, we will start having piano classes on this page every week, to benefit all those who wish to learn how to play the Piano. If you already know how to play, this will help you learn even more. If you are interested in having this, please leave me a comment. I’d like to know who would be interested in having these clases before I start giving them.

Remember, the clases would be FREE, and you could log on and take the class whenever you have time.